1st Month Out of Home

It’s been one month since I’m here in Vancouver and there have been a lot of changes and feelings that I felt coming here as an international student. I just want to share some of my feelings and realizations I had for the length of my stay. First of all, the atmosphere is so different. Everyone is so peaceful, friendly and relaxed. People here are very courteous when it comes to greetings and of course, humanity in general. I can personally say I have changed a bit, being in a less stressful and busy environment. 

Second, the university here is much different. Learning has been more of student initiated rather than instructor initiated. All work have been pre-readings and lectures are there to discuss main topics. Quite a change and adjustment coming from a school that really helps each person to learn and excel, even to the point of teachings going after students for requirements. Schooling here is much different, professors and students have a different kind of relationship. Asking questions isn’t necessarily hard, but takes effort. You will need to want to learn for you to learn here. 


Third is swimming and exercise. I have been swimming for the past month, and I can say that I have now been more physically active than the last year of IB, given that I have more time and of course, facility is readily available and my housing as well. Training here is much different from the Philippines, here maximum training being 1 hour and 30 mins. I can say that swimmers are  generally equal. When I heard the news in the Philippines regarding UAAP swimming competition, it really shocked me on how swimmers are treated and how rules are very protective of the commissions’s interest rather than the athlete’s interest. I really hope this could change.


Finally is the system here is a lot different. Systems are very efficient and people are encouraged to be part of the solution by reporting, being responsible and of course, respectful. There is this sense that everyone has power. People are empowered to make sure that everything is working and making the city a little better everyday. It just made me realize that this is very important for building a city and a nation. One thing that we really need in the Philippines as we progress.


Generally, for my own experience and feelings, I have been regularly going to mass and the mass is different here too. I still maintain my prayer life and I hope for it to become better. I quite miss the feeling of being home, the feeling of someone there to always support you and of course, friends to have meals with. I miss those friends I chat with every night and share my stories with. I miss the calls I make to my friends as I get to know them more. But I think this sacrifice is a sacrifice that is worth pursuing, especially as I grow up in a very globalized world. 


I just hope I am in the proper place and everything will be good.


Happy monsary to me! 🙂 


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