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My Campain Agaist Cyberbullying

A short film about how to go against cyberbullying. Some practical tips… Review this and remember to implement! 🙂 Research more about this also 🙂


Activity in IMOVIE ’09

Some video editing trails. Hoping to make a better movie. Give me some tips also. It was quite easy though. Enjoy and give comments! 🙂

Stop Cyberbullying..I can make a difference

Quote: “Cyberbullying will stop with me!”

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I am personally against cyberbullying. I personally think that it would affect the personal thinking of the person. It will have many psychological effect on a person.  In my knowlage about people and the computer, i see that many people are rebelling and doing bad things after they are cyberbullied. They do not want to be the “Loser” in the situation. My stand for this is that I strongly encourage everyone to stop this continuous problem in the society. I will start stopping my bullying on the net!


1. Use some cyberbullied people pictures

2. Use a short clip about cyberbullying

3. Background Music – None


Cyberbulling is an global dilemma. Many of us are not aware that, even in our short conversations, we can be cyberbullied. This can just be by being talked about or giving a chain mail to other people. We are not really aware of this. While people tend to try to stop this problem, we the people can not still stop this. This is because of the cooperation of the people. We must stop this and by doing so, stop this problem. We should start with our own selves. Stop cyberbulling now!