September 30, 2010

Mother That Cares Most

I dont know how to thank you
for sometimes I really hate you
For sometimes I fight with you
But instances that I make peace with you

Sometimes I am bad
Sometimes I am good
It all depends on my mood
On the day that I am

Thanks for all the support
May it be in sports or in school
She always support me
Even if she has a lot to do

She might be over protective
But it’s still the best for me
For the better is the one she likes
Even if it is hard for me

She reminds me of the vices
not to do it for may sake
Thank you mom
You are the still the best

September 23, 2010
A Father to His Son
Tell him to be alone often and get at himself
and above all tell himself no lies about himself
whatever the white lies and protective fronts
he may use against other people.My reasons for getting this line is because my parents are always telling me not to lie. They don’t want me to do so in order for my reputation to be good.

September 14, 2010
Poetic Writing Territories

1. Strokes and Turns will kill you, but will merit you a lot.

2. Drinking coffee is good, like a vitamin that will cure.

3. Pressing and clicking is fun, like paradise that will never end.

4.  Spinning wheels are fun, going to trekking and adventuring.

5. Charging like batteries, lay in paradise.

6. Sweating is fun, like striding and jumping.

7. Repairing and assisting others, building framework and advancing.

Practice Hard, Aim High, Dream High
July 22-25, Time when the annual national championships for swimming happened. It was at the Trace Aquatics Complex at Los Baños, Laguna. In rules, there are new things that happened  in the event. A major change that happened in this  nationals is the Trials-Finals format. The trials were in the morning while the finals were in the afternoon. Top 16 swimmers were chosen to swim for the Finals. Most of the swimmers train hard for this; said that the whole summer was dedicated for their training. I was also part of this competition. I trained for the whole summer just to be able to swim hard on this event. It was july 24, the day of the 50 meter backstroke.
Before I did my event, I recalled my last night. The night before, I was telling my coach that I am sure to get in the finals, that I had the chance for it. I kept quiet for the whole night. Visualizing and thinking about the event. The next day, I had a proper meal, to have proper fuel for the meet. Warm Up Time. It was fun, because the warm-up that day was only 2000 meters. Very Fun! It was time for my event. the 50 meter Backstroke. I got my deck card and visualized my event again. Time passed and it was time for me to swim. Swimmers, take your mark, Go! Then every second counted. As I finished my swim, I got my personal best time. Hoping to get in the finals, I had a long swim down to wash off the lactic acid in my body. After, I went to the Results area only to see that… I lost by a second! I was so sad and embarrassed. I went to coach and they said nice swim. I said no it was not. Having a bad place and not going to the finals was so embarrassing. After some while, I realized the there is room for improvement and training. I told my self to do better next time and aim higher. I hope that in the next time I have this event, I will concentrate more and have more time for training.
  1. Noice Work!! The way you said it was nice and interesting.

  2. Nice and interesting work! 😀

  3. HAHAH i agree with dgo13. 🙂
    -Edrick Luy

  4. Very inspiring, persevering and nice! Keep it up.

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