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My IB Journey

It was judged during my H2 days that I was not fit to be part of the IB program. I still remember the day, that was morning, in Mr. Alvarez’s class that the IB acceptance letter was given. Our class was different and being able to go to the IB program was some sort of a “opportunity”. It was something I was quite sad of. I was dreaming to be in that program for the past 3 years since my friends from abroad told me the program was useful. It took me a lot of effort and courage to want to be in the program even having a talk with the principal and the IB coordinator.

I am not the same person as I am now. Honestly, after going in to IB, I was quite scared. I had classmates that I never knew and even feeling that they were transferees. I was trying to be a person the same as 2B but everything changed afterwards. My teachers and peers were able to help me become part of IB. I was accepted, even though at first not. I can say that my friendship with people during the start was limited to those people I met in 2B or maybe in Chinese Advance.

Time went on and during the 1st year, I try to do my best. Getting to know new friends and even getting close to some of the teachers who were at the first place, very welcoming and caring. It was a simultaneous journey and we needed to help each other improve. After a while, I got to know more people and got close to even some of them. IB XCE enhanced the experience and friendship that all of us had, even having friends that are welcoming even though something has happened.

It was not easy for me to balance sports, ECAs and studies at the same time. It was during the IB that I can say these things became clearer to me and I was able to change my work ethic and got to do more in less time. I was able to hold an Aquathlon, still be part of the YCLC and at the same time, swim as much as I can. The more busy I was, the better my grades were.

IB changed the way I looked at things. I can say that in IB, I was able to grow as a person. Becoming well-rounded and have a sense of ethical responsibility toward others. To be able to help is something very humbling and even sharing knowledge to others. I can still remember the sleepless nights especially during IA submission, Sem Tests, deadlines, etc. It was during those times that friendships were tested and became stronger.

2nd year of IB was the hardest for me. IT was hard in a way that I needed to cope up with different things and try to relearn everything needed. It was a time of heavy information overload and these things made it more challenging. CETs were also in place and college decisions were needed. It was a hurdle and I can say that being able to talk to someone or even having a friend is something that can help you in this hard journey.

Finally, the last sem tests came. It was some sort of liberation for us, but at the same time a lonely feeling that IB has ended (XS wise). It was a time to end friendships, and even go on with life. It’s not easy for someone who didn’t get in initially to let go of all the hardships and learnings that has happened.

For sure I am not the best student in class. I can even become very tamad and even not do things. But I can really say that I learned from it. It was due to IB that I was able to manage my time, my learnings and apply them.

In the external exams, things were finally coming to a close. The last exam, being BM, was a turning point in my life. It was an end of a rough journey and friendship with people. I really can’t put in words how much grateful I am to IB in whole.

Now, I just want to thank everyone who was part of my formation as a student and person. I know I am not the best person, but you were able to make me a better person in the long run. Thank you to the faculty that taught me:

English – Mr. EJ Legaspi (I know that I am not the best in English and maybe even have some contradictions but you surely made english a fun subject)
Mandarin – Ms Hazel Wong (I can be very noisy in class but I make sure to do my best in order to everything work. Thank you, laoshi, for motivating me to do more)
BM – Mr. Gan (Thanks, Mr. Gan, for being a mentor to me. I know you know where I am coming from, and I thank you for all the advise and wisdom that you gave me).
Math – Ms. Manatad (I may not be the best in math. I know I can be very tamad sometimes in class. Thank you for not giving up on me even in those trials)
Chemistry – Mrs. Albano (Thank you for giving us a motherly love and even teaching us things about life. You also made me love chem and appreciate it)
History – Mr. Reyes (I don’t know how to thank you, Mr. Reyes for all the things you have done for me from China to history classes. You are indeed a part of my formation and thank you for making forming me to be a person.)
TOK – Mr. Marana (Thanks cher for making us think of other things and in different perspectives. You made us more holistic and well-rounded. Thanks for all the advise and tips in life too!)
CLE – Mr. Buemio and Mr. Agtarap (Thanks cher, for giving me a better understanding of our Lord, and not just only an absolutist one. You indeed made me more well rounded)

Ms.Moscoso, Mrs. Cacacho, Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be a student if IB even though I am not qualified for it. I know that it was a hard decision for you, but I hope that you were correct in giving that decision.

Ms. Rocafort, thanks for always being there to support us in our IB documents and processes. Thanks for allowing me to know you more.

To my ECA Moderators: Sir Binggoy, Sir Porqui, Sir Hofi, Ms. Aqe: You were always there to guide me and make me a better person. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your advises and guides will always be with me. Thank you!

To my co-staffers (S220 and S223) – I know that we were are the ones together sometimes. Thanks for supporting me and trusting me in singing, and performing my duties. Thanks for being with me after days.

And to my friends in the IB: Thanks so much for a 2 year journey that we will not forget. Thanks for accepting me as a person and even strengthening our friendships.

And finally to Jess: IB cannot be done with out you. You were always there to guide me and you were my companion in happiness and sadness. Thanks for giving me the energy to sustain whatever I am doing.

Thank you IB. You were truly a chapter and milestone in my life. Thank you everyone for giving me the opportunity to be better and to serve. I hope we can still see each other afterwards!


Praise Jess! 🙂